A Floral Shop inspired by nature, art and textures

As a woman-owned brand, I enjoy connecting and collaborating with other independent women business owners.  And so, I am excited to announce that for 2019, each month I will highlight a woman that I have had the pleasure of meeting and has inspired me to go after my dreams.  These women are making a difference not only in their community but in other areas of the world.

The first in this new series is Bloom 3 in LaGrange, IL., a floral shop that has a curated collection of art, interiors, textiles, and nature.   I am excited to say that our ethically made textiles and women’s accessories are on display in the shop for the next few months!

Kim, the creative mastermind and shop owner is a mother of two with a visual merchandising and interior design background.  I am in complete awe of her artistic influence in the shop and have such respect for what she has accomplished.  Her mother who shares the same passion as her daughter is lovely, she helps out on weekends.  Both ladies have so much passion for what they do it was refreshing.

Bloom 3 is situated right off LaGrange Road in downtown LaGrange, across from the Metra station.  With exposed brick walls, high ceilings, and creative store displays there is so much design inspiration and beauty in the shop.

I was thrilled to see that Kim sells Tatine Candles, which is also a woman-owned candle company that has been making candles in Chicago since 2001.  Between the packaging of the candle and the smell that fills my house even if it is not lit, it is by far one of the best candles I have ever purchased.

Bloom 3 also has a private event space, called the “Vault” that can seat up to 20 people at a communal table.  Kim enjoys hosting private events in her space and my hope is to collaborate with her on a project and utilize the space. 



 If you are ever in LaGrange, be sure to stop by Bloom 3, you will walk out with some unique plants and some design inspiration for your home!  Bloom 3 is closed Sunday and Monday and then from 10 AM – 5 PM the remainder of the week.

And if you have some extra time, stop into the plant loving, coffee and juice bar, Owl + Lark.  I had the Rose Cardamom Latte and that lush pink color with crushed flowers was almost to beautiful to sip. 

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