A Trip to New York City Never Disappoints

A trip to New York never disappoints.  So much walking around, discovering shops, corner bakeries and enjoying restaurants can keep you busy in the city for days.

I have become comfortable with navigating the NYC Subway system and now with your phone, it is easy to get from one place to another without having to pull out a large map and make it obvious that you are NOT a New Yorker.

When I go to New York, I make it a priority to pack a comfortable pair of walking shoes.  This time my high-top army green Nike’s were not only stylish but comfortable.

Before I go to New York – I map out my “Must See’s – Must Do’s and of course my Must Eats’” 

This trips roundup was dominated by beverages and a visit to my favorite store…….

The Lavender Hot Chocolate from Maman Cafe:  I came for the hot chocolate and browsed the delightfully curated shop connected to the café, called Marche Maman.  From the moment I held the floral designed coffee, I knew I would enjoy the atmosphere.  The hot chocolate was smooth and not heavy with the perfect hint of lavender.  I slipped away while browsing the small market connected to the cafe.  The shop had a great mix of small makers and designers.

Strolling down Broadway from Chinatown to SoHo, I came across Cha Cha Matcha, with a bright and colorful storefront.  I had never had matcha before, so I asked for a recommendation from the girl making the drinks.  If you are like me and a bit hesitant to try that green stuff, keep in mind that the green matcha powder comes from green tea leaves. Matcha brings great health benefits and the Japanese have been drinking matcha since ancient times. My favorite part of matcha, aside from it tasting nice, is that it is packed with more antioxidants than regular green tea.

The process that Cha Cha Matcha made the drinks were creative, they used a bamboo tea whisking brush and mixed the matcha in a bowl. 

Each time I go to NYC I make time to visit my favorite store ABC Carpet & Home.  It is a retail dream made up of nearly 6 floors of home décor, one of a kind antiques, accessories and textiles.  A visit to ABC is a way for me to be inspired by how the store is set up and to spot new trends.  The iconic store is set up in a way where you have small vignette shops strategically placed and inventive displays.  There are enough textures, colors and smells to excited everyone!  I find the store relatable because there is a collection of items and antiques from all over the world – and I also enjoy doing that for MAYTA Collection.

You can easily spend several hours browsing and taking inspirational photos.  If you want to finish the experience off, be sure to dine in one of their three stunningly decorated restaurants.  I treated myself to a Roasted Carrot and Avocado Salad with French fries…. yummy to say the least!!!

Be sure to walk as much as possible in NYC, you are bound to discover something off the beaten path that you will enjoy.

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