Adventures in Morocco & a Barely Survived Hammam.........

Back in May, I had the opportunity to take a short trip to Marrakesh, Morocco.  I was in Barcelona for business and knew that if I did not book a ticket to Marrakesh, I might never make it. (Although, never say never)

I had been intrigued.......... and slightly obsessed with all the textiles, bold colors and sheer beauty in everything coming from Morocco.  I was not able to take advantage of the entire country and the other very beautiful places in Morocco.  I missed out on sleeping in the desert with camels.......damn!

I booked myself in a Riad (a traditional Moroccan home with some gardens and terrace as seen above) and my husband came along for the adventure (thank you husband, he wanted to go to Seville and Granada).  

We spent the first two days adjusting to the hustle and bustle of the old city packed with Souks and the Medina  If you go, be prepared for lots of people, hot temperatures, fast motorcycles, donkeys, open air markets, lots of dust and lots of mint tea. The experience can be overwhelming.

Navigating through the small streets remind me of those corn mazes that show up around Halloween, wrong ways, dead ends, confusing can get quite frustrated - but I eventually made it home each night. 

I fell in love with the Spice Market, it was smaller and had a calm and tranquil feel to the area.  There were a few cafes, perfect for people watching and drinking mint tea.  I was pleasantly surprised to find Chabi Chic right in the spice market!!!  The store had the cutest shop and I loved the vibe of the restaurant above, so much we decided to have our last dinner there.  

I spent the rest of my time in the Spice Market working with some of local artisans on my Moroccan Collection of purses.   

My top MUST Do's while you are in Marrakech:

  • The La Mamounia Hotel and garden - get there before 4 PM and don't come stumbling in your latest "tourist gear", you will feel out of place - so shower before you step foot in there! (Photo below....the entire wall was filled with these beautiful flowers)
  • The Majorelle Garden - all you cactus lovers will be in HEAVEN!!!
  • A Hammam ~ I will not get into the details of what the experience involves, but you better be well hydrated before you get one or you will be suffering that night.  

Until the next adventure.................. Maggie 

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