Basics of Essential Oils: Health and Healing

Over the holidays, unfortunately for my family, we all got sick with the flu and spent the entire break tucked inside watching movies and getting some much needed rest.  It was completely unexpected, because I rarely get sick - so I was disappointed and frustrated.

During the entire two weeks while we hunkered down in the chilly Chicago weather, I diffused essential oils daily!  Not only do I love the smell, but the beneficial properties of essential oils is something I have always been interested in.  Now, I am not going to sell you on oils, you have to want that for yourself, but let’s address some of the basics. 

Essential oils are extracted from plants for their benefits and their fragrance. True essential oils are extracted through a means of distillation or cold pressing. An important note is that essential oils are not intended to be ingested. They are meant to be inhaled or used on the skin.  

 image via @lavenderandliv

Now, let’s talk about which ones can help you!  Some common ones that are used and my personal favorites are: 

Tea-tree oil 

These all are used for very specific things to help your health and wellness in multiple ways.  

For some energy and focus in the morning or during your afternoon work lull, peppermint is just the thing! Sandalwood will also aid in directing your focus. 

Stress Reliever:
We deal with stress every single day. It’s nice to have something that really does help to calm those nerves. Lavender, Sandalwood, Bergamot, and Rose are all oils that can be used in a time of stress or anxiety to calm the nerves and to recenter your mind. 

Skin Conditions: 
I have struggled with eczema ever since I was a kid (eczema is a really itchy dry, rough, skin reaction that can pop up anywhere on your skin).  Luckily, Bergamot is an oil that soothes skin irritations and can help reduce certain rashes. Ylang-Ylang is another commonly used oil for aiding skin conditions. 

Mood Boost: 
During these winter blues, we could all use a mood boost. Rose, Chamomile, Jasmine, and lemon are all oils that can help improve your mood just by having a diffuser around. 

Headaches and migraines are all too common but can be fought with the help of Ylang-Ylang, Lemon, Peppermint, and Lavender. Rub a little on your forehead and temples to let it soothe your headaches. 

Lavender can be a huge help in alleviating sinus and head pressure when your allergies just won’t leave you alone. In the past when I have had a stuffy nose, I have also used peppermint by putting a few drops around my nostrils and it opened up my nose. 

Sleep issues: 
Studies have found that inhaling lavender before falling asleep helps with their overall sleep patterns in a positive way. 

Boost Immune System:  
We gotta stay nice and strong during these holiday seasons, boost your immunity with Tea-tree oil. 

So, how exactly do I incorporate using oils in your daily routine? How am I supposed to use essential oils? 

  • You can apply them topically to your skin or problem areas such as your head for a headache.
  • You can do what we did over holiday break and have a diffuser in your home that will release the oils in a mist!
  • Or, a personal favorite, you can show your style through diffuser jewelry.  One of our favorite brands to support is Lavender and Liv.  Ashley not only designs beautiful jewelry that doubles as an oil carrier but she can get you started with oils if your interested!

Crystal Boho Vial Necklace Rose Quartz Roller bottle necklace
We do recommend that before buying oils, ensure that they are organic and that they are extracted from the plants in a natural way. If you want to dive deeper into the benefits and fun things around essential oils, reach out to Brandi Lee of @essentialeebrandi who offers videos and manages a private facebook community group about oils.  Check out her account at 

I hope these little remedies are helpful in your everyday life.

image via @essentialeebrandi

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