Day 1 of Social Distancing ~ How Corona Virus is Affecting Our Lives

If you are reading this, you have hopefully (fingers crossed) been practicing “social distancing”….literally as I type this I hear my neighbor having a St. Patrick’s Day party.  WHY?!?!?

I figured I better hit publish on this blog before tomorrow morning, because starting tomorrow, both my kids school’s are going to be e-learning………..(help).  My husband and I will be working from home, like many parents this week, and we will figure out how to be educators to our children the best way we know how.


Honestly, I am trying to look at this challenging situation that we are all in and not let the stress get to me or my family.   How do you explain to a 6 year old that he/she is unable to socialize, cannot compete in the playoff soccer game and your parents are now your teachers!

Photo by Judit Peter from Pexels

There will be people not practicing social distancing, and that is unfortunate and disappointing.  However, my family has cautiously decided to limit the interactions we have with others and to only go to public places that are necessary.   So…..drinking green beer at the bar is not in the cards this year. Instead, my family and my parents will be enjoying lots of quality time together ~ and I would not have it any other way.

I am going to use this unexpected time off and turn this situation into a blessing in disguise:

  • I still plan to wake up at 5:58 AM to go run on the treadmill, but instead of racing upstairs at 7:03 AM to make breakfast - I now get an extra 30 minutes to run - which means I will be one step closer to running a marathon on my 40th birthday
  • I get to make recipes from those Pinterest boards that I have been pinning recipes on for the last 5 years ~ please tell me you can relate?
  • I get to make believe with my son and daughter by playing Huck Finn and go on walks to collect sticks and make a fire to cook dinner on nice evenings
  • I get to finally sit down with my husband and choose our living room furniture (if we agree)
  • I get to create blog posts and discuss different places I have traveled, some of my favorite small businesses and top coffee shops to visit, once we can all do that

So, if you find yourself struggling with being socially distant, try to look at the bright side.  Pick up a new hobby, create that photo book from that vacation you went on in 2018 and call your friends and loved ones via face-time and tell them a funny story.  

Stay healthy friends, be considerate of those that might not have the resources you have and take these moments and reflect on how you can be better for yourself and others.  



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  • Simple and right on target. Thank you for sharing. I believe at first we panicked and now we realize how blessed we are to gather at the dinner table, watch old movies and see how we can survive on less. The simple trips will mean more so much more. The gardens that we planned but never could tend to will be new goals and right outside our doors.

    Rita A McGarry

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