Hello October....it's Officially Fall in the Midwest


Fall has a wonderful way of renewing us, it is the feeling of the start of something fresh and clean and new, and yet the feeling of the means to an end. Fall invites us to slow down and forces us to recognize change and transformation (at least in the north). It reminds us to be thankful for our lives and our seasons. Although fall is a quick passing season, it is sweet and deserves to be celebrated when we are living in it. Here are a couple of fun activities to engage all of our senses to really remember this fall and honor it as it passes quickly. 
Sight : 
  • Hiking/Apple Picking 
    • Go to your local forest preserve and take a hike when the leaves are in the middle of changing. I promise it won’t disappoint. Take in the leaves around you. Maybe even go off the trail a bit and enjoy the many ways that the many colors on the trees are representative of the colorful lives that we live. Let it inspire you to adventure, to fresh ideas, and new creativity. 
    • My family packed the car and headed to Harbor Country in Michigan to go apple picking at Williams Orchard we enjoyed the quietness of the orchard and the donuts of course!


  • Movies 
    • Of course, when we come into fall we are beginning to go into hibernation mode. Soooo, in honor of this, a good movie is always up for grabs. So pick out a movie you have been wanting to watch and go see it in a movie theater with a big ol' bowl of popcorn.
  • Decor
    • With a change in season, it is always fun to change decor as well. An affordable, yet impactful way to refresh the decor in your home is to get new pillows. We have plenty of colors and pillow sizes that compliment fall and gives warmth to a home.
    • Our latest Amaz Collection of pillows are making their debut this week.  Each of the pillows is handwoven from a women artisan group from Ayacucho, Peru.  We are excited to launch this limited edition collection and would love feedback.
  • Bonfire
    • Bonfires are a great way to invite family and friends to gather around and enjoy the cooler weather together.  There is something about sitting around a warm and cozy fire, reflecting on the season and making small talk.  Make sure to have some warm apple cider and the smores fixings!  Our favorite marshmallows come from Mother Wilma's.
  • Spices 
    • Make a mix of spices to have on your table to invite all of the smells of fall. Incorporating cinnamon and pumpkin to reveal throughout your household will give you a sense of change and nostalgia. The smell will help you tap into the feeling of fall. 
  • Listen to what people are thankful for 
    • Some great ways to get to know your family is to listen to them. To ask meaningful questions to the people you love the most. Have your family or friends go around saying something they are thankful for… maybe it is a vacation, job opportunity, or a delicious meal. Whatever it is, it all counts. 
  • Listen to leaves crunching, jump in a pile with your kids!  
    • Go on a run or a walk and step on the leaves. I know this sounds trivial but really, there is something about listening to the crunch of a stale leaf that grew in the springtime. There is something that jumping in the leaves (do it with your kids if you are too embarrassed) brings us back to childhood, to being goofy, and invites us to step out of a space of success to jump into a state of presence in these moments. 
Taste : 
  • Banana Bread:  Here is the best recipe ever ;) hope ya like it. 
  •  Soup:  Here is an amazing vegetable garden soup recipe that will fill your appetite! 
  • Cozy up!
    • Our Peruvian frazadas are a perfect fall necessity. Fall time makes us want to curl up under a blanket and get all the warm and fuzzies. Our frazadas our multiuse and can be brought to that campfire, on your camping trip or as you curl up with them to watch a movie. 

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