Get Centered with Yourself

Improving Self Awareness and a more Centered Self  

5 habits before bed, 5 habits in the morning. 


We live in a chaotic world that demands a constant grind. We grind all day, are tired at night but can’t sleep because our minds don’t shut off, then the alarm goes off in the morning and you’re exhausted. So what do we do? We grab an extra shot of espresso and hope we make it through the day with enough accomplished. 

 This is for all of you hard workers out there that constantly are grinding, whether you’re a stay at home mom, or a full time business owner, or if you are just full time all the time. No matter what you do, if you can’t wake up because you couldn’t even fall asleep the night before, this one’s for you. 

We appreciate your hard work and we need people like you to run the world, but we also care about your health… so take our advice, and let us take care of you.

How are we going to slow down and improve self awareness and a more centered self? The main problem I found in my life is that I don’t have enough time… so we will carve out little bits of time before bed and in the morning. 

***Before starting your night routine, have your alarm set and your phone plugged in to charge and say goodbye to the social media world… this will help you unwind the last bit of your night. 

5 Night time Routine Habits for a more Centered Self 

Get ready to do more than just brushing your teeth before bed, were going to comb through all of the day. 

1.Skincare : Click here for a homemade face tightening mask

  • Pick which one you want, we love adding lavender oil to the Clay mask, but pick whichever mask works for you!
  • During this process don’t tear yourself down in the mirror, but speak positive and kind words over yourself and over your day… Be happy with what you have accomplished instead of tearing yourself down for the things you haven’t accomplished. 

  1. NEXT day prep

Pick out the outfit you’re going to wear tomorrow so you don’t have to race in the morning. Pack that gym bag and your lunch and that way in the morning you don’t gotta stress. 


  1. Mental care:  Declutter the past 

Are you into journaling? That is okay if not, keep reading… 

If you are into journaling, I’ve attached a journal prompt to help get you started for the month of August. If you are not into journaling try at least talking aloud what the prompts ask and invite you to think about. A new wave of journaling is voice memos even, sometimes it feels like a chore to journal, so just talk to the voice memo to clear your head and say whatever you have been holding back. 


  1. Declutter the Future 

After decompressing and evaluating your emotional and mental health through the prompts, plan out your schedule for tomorrow. This will help you to declutter the future tasks and demands. 

  1. Rest: be present

Now that you have rid yourself of the past day through journaling, and rid yourself of tomorrow with the schedule you already created, it’s time to be present. Being present takes practice, as a mom it is nearly impossible to put down the thoughts, the planning, and the constant things running through my mind. So, it is important to be present with my children and my husband, to give my FULL attention to them before going to bed. 

Settle in and start to get comfortable. It’s time to sleep.

5 morning practices to get to a more centered self 

  1. Stretch

When that alarm buzzes in the morning instead of instantly grabbing your phone and checking emails, texts, and IG, don’t even look at it. Say “Siri” play Indie Yoga Flow  or whatever floats your boat in the morning :) 

 Try simple yoga stretches while still in bed, this can be extremely healthy way to wake your body up, your muscles and your mind. 

  • Lay on back and pull knee to your chest
  • Extend  your leg and pull to chest
  • Child’s pose
  • Cat and cow
  • Cross legged now, neck stretches / circles
  • Cross legged, reach high towards the sky and say good morning because guess what, it’s a great day to have a great day. 

  1. H20

Grab yourself and big glass of water and HYDRATE or the rest of the day you’ll Die-drate. Water helps to replenish all that was lost as you slept in the night and will give you a boost of energy… save that coffee for the mid morning slump, when you’ll really need it.  

  1. Now walk it out

Dare I say exercise? I wake up early before my kids and go for a 5 - 8 mile run about 5 times a week. This helps to clear the clutter in my mind that has already started that day and get ready for the tasks before me. Running can be so hard and requires motivation, however I have found the most beneficial exercise to start my day is a run, but a walk will do just fine to start if you’re not a runner. No pressure to push yourself too hard, as you will do that the rest of the day. A run or walk to turn your mind off and enjoy the simple pleasures of the world will get you started for a great day. 

  1. Centered self

As you go over your schedule one more time, think of a way you can put a smile on someone’s face today, because being a more centered self, does not mean being self centered, it means you understand yourself enough to understand that people are hurting. So maybe check out some ideas at the bottom to make someone’s day brighter!

  • Pay for someone’s coffee behind you in the drive through. 
  • Leave a special uplifting note for your partner / friend / child
  • SMILE.
  • Help someone with their groceries
  • Let someone cut you in line
  • Pick up litter in a parking lot
  • Tip the waiter/waitress a little extra… and / or write a nice thank you note on the check
  • Leave a positive quote at a table in a coffee shop 
  • Hug people more
  • Ask about someone, genuinely ask how they are
  • Pick up flowers for your mom, your friend, your significant other, your child
  • When shopping pick up clothes that fell off the rack, help the sales associates out.
  • Be kind….to EVERYONE. We are kind people because we are kind, not because people are kind back.

  1. Exchange the attitude for some Gratitude 

Lastly, on your drive into work… Leave the road rage at home and try to save phone calls for later. Use the drive as the last little bit of your morning routine to be grateful. Think over all the little things you are grateful for about yourself, about your friends, or family, or coworkers, or your job. And some days, it just might be that we’re thankful for a cup of tea, that’s it.  And that’s okay. 

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