Pillow Styling Tips for the Home

Summer is officially over. For those of us that live in cities where the seasons change drastically, you are probably in the mood for fall activities, enjoying the changing leaves and those delicious warm fall desserts.  Along with the change in seasons, we often find ourselves wanting to change out some of our key home décor pieces to set the mood for crisp air evenings and cozy book reading.

With our latest Frazada Pillow Collection, we worked closely with our Peruvian artisan partners to incorporate textures and tones perfect for fall pillow styling.  And, if you’re like many others, we understand that it can sometimes be a struggle to style that sofa or sectional just right.  

So, here are the secrets for that perfect seasonal look!

First, let's talk pillow size selection. You are going to want to start with a larger pillow for the back of the sofa, anything around 20-24 inches should do the trick.   Then, start layering with smaller size pillows like our square pillows, 17" x 17" that have a lot of texture and design to them which makes them perfect for layering! Our small lumbar pillows 12" x 19"  are also great for finishing off a styled area of the sofa, creating rhythm and proportion through dimension and shape variety.  Now, speaking of layering, let’s turn our attention to my personal favorite design elements - color and pattern.

I can say this repeatedly, don't be afraid of color.  Confidently know that it's okay to mix-and-match colors and patterns when styling. This will allow you to create needed variety and interest in your room.  Yet, at the same time, if you're working with a multicolored piece, focus on one or two colors and build from there to create a cohesive combination of pillow accents. Most importantly, be intentional about your choices, make sure nothing clashes – step back and evaluate what you’re creating to see if its effectively coordinating with the other pillows and your sofa color. And keep in mind to not go overboard in one room, as too many colors can impact the unifying and well accented interior you are trying to create.   

Pillow placement should be looked at as effortless, yet well thought out.  Don’t think about this one too much. A relaxed, ideally odd numbered pillow arrangement will effectively make your guests feel relaxed and at home through the variety of pillow sizes, shapes, textures, and colors! 












Our pillow selection, when ordered online, come unstuffed, to make it easier and cost effective for shipping.  So, when our beautiful, handwoven pillows arrive at your doorstep – be sure to consider the filling and how it will affect the appearance you want to achieve. A feather-and-down fill, for example, has more "give" and a softer feel. Foam and other synthetic fills are stiff and generally much more affordable. These pillows will hold their shape better but may not look as luxurious in your space.


One final note about inserts, before I leave you to daydreaming of cooler temps and enjoying the fall season.  I recommend using pillow inserts that are on average 2″ larger than the size of your pillow covers. If you have 20″ square pillow covers, for example, order 22″ square inserts. For 24″ pillows, use 26″ inserts, etc. The bigger insert size will transform your slouchy pillows into pretty pillows that keep their fluff better over time.

If you find yourself needing some guidance on choosing pillow while shopping our selection, we would be more than happy to brainstorm some style ideas.  

XoXo ~

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