Travel Guide : Dallas, Texas

A fun - but hot 24 hrs in Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas is a pretty vast city so before heading there for the first time, I mapped out a few places I wanted to go see.  The first place I wanted to check out was Fleastyle. I had booked a styling appointment with Brittany, the owner, the week before arriving and was excited to finally see the shop in person!  I have been following the Instagram account of Fleastyle for some time and couldn’t wait to see the shop.  

From the moment I walked into Fleastyle, it was an amazing and energetic experience.  Brittany has a fantastic eye for interior design and style. Every corner of the shop carries something fun, stylish and creatively displayed.  I tried on a variety of outfits and to my surprise, I fell in love with all the vintage pieces that Brittany had me try on. I had never really been someone to have a vintage clothing style - but every piece fit perfectly.  My favorite piece is a bright orange linen blazer - it will be my Chicago Fall staple!

Another fun tidbit to Fleastyle is that they have this popular mural that was painted by her graphic designer that lives in Chicago.  Brittany was also working on the opening of a restaurant right next to the space called Heirloom & Haul.  

Fleastyle is located in an eclectic district called Deep Ellum.  Deep Ellum is an area of Dallas that is the highlight of nightlife. In the Deep Ellum area of Dallas, you can find yourself enjoying walking around, bouncing from restaurant to restaurant. You won’t want to miss the Deep Ellum district for the sole fact that it is the musical hub of Dallas. They have musical roots dating back to the 1800’s, when Jazz was the main performance.  It is fun to walk around with several street art wall murals, independent boutiques and coffee shops. 

I stumbled upon a shop called Jade and Clover, in every city that I discover, I am always finding a great plant shop.  I love to be curious with how different plants, cactus, and ivy grow. It is just something about a plant shop that makes me happy! If you ever get a chance, definitely stop in to check out their Plant Bar. (“It’s like Build-A-Bear, but with plants.”)

While in Dallas, I overindulged in delicious tacos and drank endless amounts of Topo Chico.  Topo Chico is sparkling mineral water that is bottled in Mexico, and has been since 1895! Here in Chicago, Topo Chico is not as available as in Texas, so it was fun to sip on that ice-cold glass bottle while eating tacos.

I had a delicious lunch at El Bolero in the Design District of Dallas.  The Design District is situated on the edge of the Trinity River, it is a beautiful spot for any art lover. It is the thread of Dallas, as it offers the creativity and design of those in the Dallas community.  El Bolero is an authentic Mexican restaurant, inviting customers to immerse themselves in the diversity of Mexican culture. The food was delicious and the decor was bold, colorful and fun. I sat at the bar because I was drawn to the green tiles and bright yellow bar stools.  

The other taco lunch I ordered were from Velvet Taco, it was right before I was heading to the airport, so I enjoyed another Topo Chico and a beer from Deep Ellum Brewery called Deep Summer, which is a summer ale with hibiscus, lemon peel, and chamomile flowers.  I did not make it to the Deep Ellum Brewery when I was there, but it has two locations, one in the Deep Ellum and one in Fort Worth. They offer original beers and many more. Deep Ellum Brewery has events, live music, and tours on their schedule for anyone who is visiting! 

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