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Belen Frazada Blanket (PF02)

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This Frazada is handwoven by local artisans from the Andes Region of Peru.   

The two pieces are sewn together to create this colorful Frazada.  These textiles can be used as rugs, blankets, home decoration or picnic blankets.

The combination of purple mixed with soft pinks, fuchsia, and magenta make this blanket a girl's top pick.  The subtle green accents add an earthy vibe and my favorite is the trim that has purple and pink like cotton candy.

This rug is an estimated 5 x 5 and finished with our MAYTA brand.

Material:  100% natural, made with sheep wool with natural dyes, therefore the product should be hand washed or dry clean only

Note:  You are purchasing a one of a kind item, no two are alike.  It is possible that there could be some irregularities. However, these characteristics give each item uniqueness and authenticity.

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