Peruvian Frazada Square Pillow (SQ8)

Peruvian Frazada Square Pillow (SQ8)

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A beautiful pillow re-purposed from a vintage Peruvian blanket, also known as a Frazada.

The colorful decorative pattern is made from 100% sheep's wool that is dyed by hand using natural and botanical materials.  Each pattern is woven on a back-strap loom using techniques passed down by women in the Andres region.

Beautiful texture and unique designs that are all one of a kind

The back is a solid light grey fabric with a hidden zipper

Size:  17" x 17"    Dry clean only

*Due to the vintage and handmade nature of our pillow, therefore, some fading or small imperfections could be possible. We consider this part of the uniqueness and handcrafted charm. 

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