About Us

Hi, I'm Maggie O'Reilly.  Mayta Collection was born out of my love for travel and textiles.  During my travels abroad, I have been blessed to meet artisans.  By collaborating with artisans, I have been able to bring to life my visions of beautiful, trendy, ethical fashion accessories and home accessories that honor culture and the people making them.  Textiles and fabrics in bold colors and patterns are my favorite items to incorporate into my fashion designs.   All of Mayta Collections designs are original.  The basic principle behind my designs is that I believe nothing should be mass produced.  Each person should be able to find and express a style that is their own.  I hope you will enjoy your Mayta Collection items as much as I have enjoyed designing them and working with the artisans during my travels.
Mayta Collection is a proud member of Chicago Fair Trade.
Chicago Fair Trade Member