Are you a retailer interested in carrying our one of a kind collection? 
We're excited that you're as in inspired with our pieces as we are.
A few things to know before you get started.


1.  Our brand focuses on small batches of quality made pieces.  Therefore, all of our items are one of a kind.  What does this mean to you as a retailer?  It means that once the item is gone - it's gone.  So be sure to check back monthly for new items!

3.  Quality is of utmost importance to our company and artisans.  That being said, each of our pieces are handmade by our workshops in Morocco and Peru.  We do our best to call attention to any minor imperfections that the textile might have, but we consider this part of the story and handcrafted charm.  

Have a question before you get started? 
Contact us at info@maytacollection.com

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