AmaZ Lumbar Pillow - Sky Blue

AmaZ Lumbar Pillow - Sky Blue

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Introducing our AmaZ Pillow Collection! 

Influenced by the rich cultural history of Peru, our collection is inspired by the diversity in the Amazon rain-forest.  

The wool is sourced 100% locally from Ayacucho.  Each color is dyed naturally with plants forged in the surrounding region.

Using a back-strap loom, each pillow takes close to 6 hrs to make.  The pattern is woven by memory and our skilled artisan community maintains handed-down weaving traditions.

Imagine, these beautiful colors are a result of sustainable techniques passed down through many generations.

As always, due to the nature of each pillow being 100% handcrafted, there could be some slight variation in color and appearance.  

Approx dimensions:  14" x 24"

Top zipper closure - the back of the pillow is a natural color cotton

Pillow Insert not included - we recommend a standard pillow insert

Spot clean only

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