Hand woven Afghan 3'11" x 1'4"

Hand woven Afghan 3'11" x 1'4"

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Although this textile is not in mint condition the decorative side that people will see is in good condition.

I snagged this one on a really odd trip to Rome, Italy. I was there for work and due of series  of strange events, I ended up staying in this “hotel”that used to be the priest quarters for some Roman school.

The room is was bare, and beige with white linens and no TV. It was a depressing room to be in, so every day after work I could not bring myself to head back to the room I would walk all over, for hours.

I picked up this textile, along with by far my most favorite pair or Italian open toe high heels....but I’m not ready to sell those!

About the textile (roughly translated from Italian)


  • Handwoven in Afghanistan
  • Tribal style sumak with Black, Cream, Dark Navy, Light Red accent colors
  • Flat-weave and constructed from 100% Wool

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