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Moroccan Beni Ourain Rug (RG03)

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This Beni Ourain Moroccan Rug has an ivory/cream background that is a natural 100% wool with a lime green design pattern.  Originating from high up in the Moroccan Atlas mountains, this type of rug is a luxurious creation made by hand.

The entire rug is densely double-knotted by skilled women weavers.  These talented weavers work diligently and patiently on creating each rug.  Often times, these rugs tell a story of the woman artist, using traditions passed down over the years.

This is a high pile rug, this means the rug tends to look/feel softer.   So it has a warm and cozy feeling, perfect for a baby's nursery!

Size:  8 ft x 4.9 ft 

Material:  100% Wool

Return Policy with Rugs:  Our customers have two weeks return policy.  Please ask any questions before purchasing.  Each piece is a handmade item by Moroccan artisans, so there may be slight imperfections in weaving, pattern, or shape. We do not see these as imperfection, but the love and story behind each piece.


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