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Nazca Bag - 01

Nazca Bag - 01

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This versatile bag can be used for makeup, a stylish way to keep all your creative journaling and writing supplies or the perfect bag to bring with when heading to the beach.   

This particular bag style is embellished with a handwoven Peruvian Ribbon.  Each of these ribbons is woven using traditional methods such as the use of a looms and sheep's wool.  

This bag's name is called the Nazca Bag because the colors of these bags are natural and there are no pigments added.  The Nazca lines are found in the desert ground.

Zipper Closure with Black Interior Lining

Dimensions:  11" x 7" x 2"

Ethically Made from Peruvian Woven Textiles that focus on Sustainable principles and Fun Designs

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