Frazada pillow in white, red, green

Peruvian Frazada Small Lumbar Pillow (PL02)

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A small lumbar pillow made of a re purposed Peruvian Frazada Blanket.  This pillow color has a great contrast of natural beige color and bright stripes mixed with orange and green diamond patterns.  

Each Frazada is carefully woven by hand using traditional backstrap loom techniques.  Each textile was handpicked by one of designers because of its colorful design and beautiful craftsmanship.

Material:  100% Sheep Wool, backside is a soft grey fabric with a hidden zipper and our MAYTA stamp of approval and creativity

Size:  19 in x 12 in

Spot clean only - each pillow is handmade and therefore can have slight variations and imperfections. 

Please note:  These pillows are not factory made, therefore, each is unique and special with a story of culture, tradition and family woven into each design.

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